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June 06, 2007



On the subject of what counts as three days, I don't know why all the Christian churches say Jesus Christ rose "three days" after he was crucified. If he was crucified on a Friday, and he was out of the tomb by the wee hours of Sunday morning, then that's a day and a half, tops. I guess it's a cultural difference in how you count days: Do you include the starting day, the ending day, or both? In this case, the answer seems to be both, but that's not how we count days in this era in this culture! Why not correct it to "two days"? Can you imagine if a video store started counting days the way Christians do when talking about Easter? You check out your 5-day rental on Monday, return it Saturday, and find that you've been charged for another 5 days because you're a day late. Or worse, you forget to return it Saturday and figure you might as well keep it until next Thursday, since you're already getting charged for a full rental period. You return it on Thursday, and find you're two days past the end of the second rental period, and have been charged a third late fee additional rental charge.


The question I have, SC, is whether the problem with the cracking bezel was adequately repaired, as I am presently experiencing the same deficiency on the same model.


The question I have, SC, is whether the problem with the cracking bezel was adequately repaired, as I am presently experiencing the same deficiency on the same model.


Very intersting post. I really enjoyed reading it. Yes when they say 3 days they usually have forgotten the 0 on the end. :-)

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I used to work for Compaq and when Hp bought them out I jumped ships to Foxconn. They do the manufacturing in the US for HP on notebooks. Not that your model ws made in the US but if it was then I was most likely in charge of the assembly operation.

90% of all computer components are made by 5 manufactuers over seas. So whether you buy a Dell, Sony or HP it all came from the same sources.

the biggest difference is in engineering of the systems. HP outsources that aspect to and it's a shame because issues like this happen all too often for them. Plus on that model there was a recall for the WIFI device. Your's may not be a part of that recall but if it ever stops working you know why.

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I started my own marketing consulting business in March. I did a lot of research on my needs and decided on the 6830s because of the wide screen. I'm very disappointed with the notebook to date. I have a 2.0 Ghz Processor and 3 meg of RAM with Vista downgraded to XP. The system often locks up on me, some internet sites just don't load. When trying to view a website recently, it would never load. I turned on my 2 year old HP desktop and in a snap the website came up. Something seems just not right with this system though I cannot pinpoint what causes the problem. I just tried to forward a finally a message came up "The server appears to be slow to respond, and may be unavailable. Press the button to cancel your request." When I hit "cancel" it just locks up. Now, will have to reboot. I've had to go as far as to unplug the battery to reboot.....not good for a system less than a month old

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