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May 17, 2007



Doesn't this just follow in the footsteps of the old 10% that? That is, the notion that you can claim that "10% of X are Y" - where X is pretty much any minority subset of group Y in any context - and sound reasonable.

That one is often used in population statistics. For example, it's amazing how many people think that 10% of the population is black/gay/Jewish/etc. (the actual numbers are, IIRC, 12.1%/~4%/<1.4% respectively).


I've heard enough of the 80/20 rule myself, not surprised it is that commonplace. "The last 20% of the project takes 80% of the time" is another common one used in software development.

I don't think there is much statistical evidence of the 80/20 rule after all, it is mainly said to get the point across.


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