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October 25, 2005


eric morse

So the placard breaks the rule that all signs must use the official Turkish alphabet. But it seems it's that the signs were written in Kurdish that is offensive, yes?
Would a placard written in English with "Newroz" written on it be fineworthy? I guess by the letter of the law, it would be...
Since the AP has recently changed its spelling of "Koran" to "Quran", it would seem they haven't gotten this memo.

Ooh... I just reread this comment and saw that I said "letter of the law". Ha!


"[Q and W] are, however, in the ISO character set for Turkish [...]"

I'm not sure if you already realize this and are simply being facetious, but the ISO-8859-x character sets are all, by design, supersets of ASCII. The ISO character sets for Hebrew and Arabic also contain the entire Latin alphabet.

Semantic Compositions

Yes, I was being facetious. Sorry if that didn't come through clearly.

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