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April 13, 2005


polyglot conspiracy

I guess I'm confused - I thought Malaysia was functionally, if not officially, bilingual (w/Bahasa Melayu + English) already. Also this particular science/math-in-English reminds me of a bit in the history of English where during the Enlightenment (? I think?) English was seen as a best language for doing science in, with heavy supplements from Latin. But now the reasons for using English are geopolitical, not logico-grammatical...(granted they were probably partially always geopolitical as well, but you know what I'm saying here)

But teaching a significant portion of the non-ESL cirriculum in another country in English?
Wasn't this exactly what was done in Hong Kong and Singapore, though far more successfully in Singapore. I have a close singaporean Chinese friend. She told me that the first two years of school are spent learning English and then after that all subjects are conducted in English except for heritage literature and one or two more subjects.

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