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January 31, 2005


language hat

So did you take the professionally taught wine tasting course? Wine snobs want to know! And how did you like Santa Barbara? And have you seen Sideways? Every word in it about pinot noir is God's own truth.

language hat

Oh yes, the article. Very good piece, spot on about Parker and his influence; this sums it up perfectly: "Parker’s critics have disputed not the accuracy of his palate but the kinds of wine he likes and which he tells his disciples they should like: lots of ripe fruit, lots of alcohol, lots of oak, wine that tastes ‘hedonistic’ even when young." I happen not to agree with Parker's taste, but he has a right to it and certainly knows what he's talking about -- it's not his fault so many people kowtow to him.

But the important question is: have you accepted the fact that wine writing isn't all bluff and bullshit?

Semantic Compositions

Alas, we were all set for our trip the week after the election, but Mrs. SC had her weekend off canceled by the hospital days before we were supposed to go. We're going to have to wait 'til she wraps up classes in March (since she's got no vacation time between now and then!).

So the jury's still out, but I haven't forgotten what I promised to do. I'll be sure to post about it when it happens.

language hat

My condolences to your wife on the crappy vacation policy, and I look forward to your eventual post!

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