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January 12, 2005



Walton's not quite as stupid as you might think. Einstein's postulated cosmological constant was an ad hoc gimmick to keep the universe from collapsing under gravitational attraction; in some real sense, it is "antigravity". And indeed, if, as now seems likely, that constant is greater than 1, the universe is expanding faster and faster, impelled by an antigravity "dark force".


Sorry; didn't read far enough. I see you've covered this. And of course I don't mean to apologize in general for the intellectual deficits of overpaid athletes...

ingi johnson

Excuse me &^%$face,
I was reading your little article on my good friend Billy Walton. I was noticing that you have a problem with anti-gravity. If you had any sense of smell you could smell the skunk weed from your padded lounge chair at your favorite coffe shop you stupid *&^%. Never ever allow Mr. Walton's name to escape your vocal box again. If you do ever feel his name coming out of your rectum flavored pie hole swallow those words back down like warm cum spewing out of your lover's cock.
Your Mother

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