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December 02, 2004


Meredith L. Patterson

Not to mention Xanax and Zithromax, and I wonder whether the unstressed final syllable in "naproxen" makes it a candidate as well. (A few other examples: the SSRIs Paxil and Celexa [likewise schwa-terminated!], and the antibiotic Biaxin.)

There's a great list of pharmaceutical brand and generic names here, though it only deals with drugs that are contraindicated for long Q-T syndrome.

Ingeborg S. Nordén

I may not be an expert on either linguistics or drugs, but most prescription drug names are meant to sound vaguely Greco-Latin. Although the examples without /k/ or /ks/ endings follow a mock-classical pattern, the /k/ and /ks/-ending names reinforce that feeling: many more scientific and medical buzzwords end in those sounds. The more a drug name sounds like one of those buzzwords, the better the chance of a patient thinking "this drug is genuinely effective".


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Assuming the pronunciations follow what I expect are most English-speakers' intuitions, both drugs end in the same vowel.

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