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November 16, 2004



I think you're getting all upset over nothing. Why do the hit counts even matter? You aren't trying to have a mass-market website here; if you were, you'd talk about Justin Timberlake and Final Fantasy XIII and how angels saved your cat. You aren't a Google-whore, watching the statistics on the most popular searches, and scheming about how you might get some of that web traffic.

Instead, you are of a much rarer breed. You are a person with something to say. Stop tilting at garish windmills, and say it.

Semantic Compositions

Uh-oh, I think a joke has gone a little too far. I'm not actually despondent.

I was quite surprised by the Viagra explosion yesterday, though, and figured that it was pretty much a raw comic gem that had been dropped into my lap. The challenge was to pull off a stunt much like I did on April Fool's Day (and wait'll you see what's coming next April -- you heard it here first). Sadly, it not being April 1st, I probably laid it on a bit too thick for my own good.


Whew. OK, I gotta stop taking things so seriously.

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