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November 24, 2004



I have long held that the concept of an express lane is rather silly. I my area one can go through the express lane behind a senior writing a check and it is slower than taking another lane behind some young thing using a debit card. And as you have shown the notion of a special lane just creates confusion and animosities.


The incompetence of cashiers is what makes the "3 cans of soup = 1 item" concept false, unfortunately. In theory the cashier can scan one, hit SKU qty 3 and not waste any time.

In practice, every week I have to watch the cashier individually scan ten containers of yogurt. (no, this isn't in the express lane). Immediately saying "there are 10 there" or lining them up in 2 rows of 5 has not helped.

Semantic Compositions

The more I use self-checkout counters, the more I like them. They're about the only REAL express lanes left.

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