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November 30, 2004



I think there is evidence that the employee may have been trained in "...excessive zealousness of the employee in trying to make a sale."

I remember when KFC was Kentucky Fried Chicken one could ask for "Two pieces" and the response would be "Would you like a drink with that 'two pieces'?" If one stared by asking for "Two pieces and a coke" the response would be "Would you like a vegetable with that two pieces and a coke?" This would go on until one had asked for everything in the shop which was limited to perhaps a dozen items. I experimented in Phoenix, Salt Lake and Reno and all employees responded the same.


That's what I had to do when I was working at Arby's. We had to ask if they wanted something else, or if they wanted to order a larger size of something. We were only supposed to do that once, though; if I had asked a customer if they wanted everything in the store, I would have gotten yelled at. (Not that I didn't get yelled at all the time anyway.)


Oh, yeah, and I would have gotten yelled at if I had pestered a customer by asking repeatedly if they wanted something when they had already said no. So the rule was "don't ask them if they want more than one extra thing, and don't ask them more than once."

I often got yelled at for violations of rules that I had never actually heard spoken...

Semantic Compositions

Rachel, getting out of that Arby's job was the best decision you'll make this year.


Just try going into a Starbuck's and asking for a small coffee. I doubt they'll know what you're talking about.


The funniest one I had was ordering a drink at the movies and being asked "Would you like a drink with that?".


My guess is that the donut shop guy just got done serving a customer who, right after DSG finished totalling his order, immediately came back with "OH! And I need another dozen!".

[totals it up]

OH! And I need a coffee.

[totals it up]

WAIT! Make that TWO coffees.

... you get the picture. I suspect he may have been a little gunshy from a slew of fickle order-givers that day :-)

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