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October 07, 2004


Neal Whitman

Actually, the intended parse was the only one I could get: two coordinated indirect questions, one starting with 'what' and the other starting with 'who'. The 'who' question could by itself be a relative clause, but since no other relative clause to coordinate with it came before the 'and', I had to take it as an indirect question.

Semantic Compositions

My intuitions on this are admittedly a bit shaky. The way I wrote it up was my immediate reaction, but after reading it again, I decided that the problem might be me as much as anything else. The "who" struck me on the first pass as referring to the "femme rocker", in a bracketing like:

what femme rocker's [[concert was the target of a chainsaw protest in the Northwest] and [who swore off rock 'n' roll after getting religion]]

But reading things at 1:30 in the morning probably isn't a recipe for sound judgments in this regard. ;)

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