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September 18, 2004


Dave Rattigan, 5 Allsop Drive, Canterbury, Kent, UK, Tel. 589-3005

I don't think Amazon reviews are as useless as they are sometimes made out. I think one just has to have the brains to figure out what's informed opinion and what's not. The disadvantage of that, I guess, is that not all people have the brains.

As for the pseudonymity, I think you've just got to be clever enough not to leave clues behind...

Yours, John, um, Smith

language hat

I think people who write under pseudonyms are craven cowards who deserve a good thrashing.


I'd really like to comment on this. I found that there were planted positive remarks made about two books by Joe Vitale. One is the Attractor Factor, which is in the top 500 selling of books. Obviously people aren't catching on. I only did after happening to read all these unbelievable miraculous reviews of these two books. Two of them were written by two seperate people and are practically identical. I wrote a review and pointed out that there were positive plants, with proof! However, Amazon deleted my review. I resubmitted, and again, it was deleted in no less than 20 minutes. There is someone who goes around deleting reviews for money. It may be on the outside or inside of Amazon, but I know it's happening. That's why I'm not going to buy from them. Other people have mentioned positive plants before and their reviews were still around. By the way, the second book, the Attractor Factor, has the 2nd chapter of 10% of the book quoting reviews for the previous book. I dare you to make a negative comment about the Attractor Factor and see how long it takes for it to be deleted.

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