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July 08, 2004



Hey, I'm a Harris poll respondent and I took that survey. To answer your question, the questions only asked, "Please list as many [computer manufacturers, etc.] as you can think of." So Sony and Coke had nothing to do with each other in the survey and the ranking was most likely generated by figuring out what percentage of people who answered each question named the same brand. For example, if question one was about soft drinks and question two was about computers, then maybe 95% of all respondents said "Coke" and 90% of all respondents said "Dell."

Semantic Compositions

That makes more sense, but alas, it's not how it was written up in the Wall Street Journal. I didn't reproduce the whole article, but it really did indicate that the list was compiled off of responses to just the question "which three brands do you consider the best?". It's heartening to know that it wasn't conducted in quite such a silly manner. On the other hand, if the categories were really kept separate, then it's not statistically sound to aggregate the results at the end like they did.


Oh, OK. Since I happened to have given no more than three responses to each category, perhaps they skipped that question for me. However, the categories were indeed separated in the way you mean and it's very weird that they ranked all brands together like that.

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