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July 12, 2004



if you decide to move I would suggest going with POWWEB for hosting. You could use MovableType to power your blog, I'm pretty sure typepad templates, and MT templates are fully compatible.

Or you could consider migrating to some other blogging tools which offer greater versatility than MT, such as drupal,nucleus wordpress, or B2evolution - all of which are free. There are additionally paid software such as expression engine which I am using.

I would suggest that you take a look at the Blog software breakdown comparison chart to help you decide. If you decide to go with POWWEB for hosting, I get a little kickback if you go through this link as my referrer id is included.

If/when you decide to move, if you need help with anything just let me know and I'll be willing to help out. Once you move to your own paid hosting you will realize that you have much more versatility and freedom to do what you want with a site vs being with a blog only host.


So how would a blind or severely dyslexic person on a known dynamic IP address leave a comment, anyway? That's one of my biggest annoyances with those anti-spambot techniques: they're blatantly inaccessible, with no workaround...

I like hosting my own blog, incidentally because I can block spam by blacklisting certain spammy words and domain names as well as *known* spammer IPs (as in, those that have actually posted spam to my blog), and can also screen comments with suspicious content so that they only show up upon my approval.

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