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June 16, 2004



'between written ("interpretation") and oral ("translation")' -- should be the other way around: "written ("translation") and oral ("interpretation")'.

Dale Hansman

As public relations manager for Language Line Services, I make it a habit to search for mentions of our company on the Web. Though your comments above are nearly a year old, they still ring with inaccuracies. You say: "a company which formerly struggled to survive (Language Line has been through at least three owners; the original founders, AT&T, and presently a venture capital firm)..." Language Line Services, for each of its first 20 years, experienced double-digit growth in revenues. Among the growing list of companies entering the telephone interpreting marketplace, Language Line Services continues to hold a commanding lead as the provider of language services that most organizations choose. Another inaccuracy: "(Language Line) has now effectively become subsidized by government order." Though a great many of our clients ARE from the government sector, the majority of them come from financial, insurance, healthcare, utilities and several other growing industries. The bottom line is that both immigration and government policies have created an environment that organizations of all sizes need to communicate with their limited English speaking customers, employees and business partners. Language Line Services has continued to meet the needs of these organizations with exceptional interpreters, state of the art technology, and competitive pricing. Thank you for providing the forum for me to counter your comments about our company.

Lithuanian Translation Services

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This is a nice way to express translations. I even used this before in our math.

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Thanks for the info,This is true even if only one part of the recipient receives the federal assistance", which the AMA interprets to mean: even if a single doctor in private practice sees just one Medicare-insured patient, that doctor is legally obliged to provide translation services for all of his other patients. Second, due to conflicts with other regulations protecting patient privacy, it is not permissible to use family members or otherwise willing friends and neighbors to act as translators.

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There's no order in languages, a language is an order itself, think about it. You need to read more about Linguistics, seriously.

Interpretation and translation services

Very informative post' thanks for sharing it. I think it is better if you can translate and understand different words.


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our clients ARE from the government sector, the majority of them come from financial, insurance, healthcare, utilities and several other growing industries.

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I wonder what happened to that "order" now that Obama's in Clinton's place?

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