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June 21, 2004


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LOVE your blog! First comment...yes, I know, I should comment more often. I promise I will!
Anyway- I've heard an analogy of matter going into a black hole compared to water going into a juice cup. If the water faucet is on FULL blast, most of the water doesn't actually get into the cup but gets ejected out of it instead. Matter going into a black hole is can't all go in at once into the singularity so much of it gets ejected back out as x-rays. I'm sure someone else has a more scientific explination, but I've found the above analogy helpful for my Physics and Astronomy students!

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okay! hi guys. i'm just posting this because i think instead of asking the SAME questions over and over again you should search for questions... like i keep seeing "Am i too old to start dancing?!" the answer is never going to change.. NO! you are not too old.
anyone agree?

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Some people insist that only today and tomorrow matter. But how much poorer we would be if we really lived by that rule! So much of what we do today is frivolous and futile and soon forgotten. So much of what we hope to do tomorrow never happens.

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