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May 10, 2004


language hat

Jim Duquette, whose Mets blew out their promising Wilson-Pulsipher-Isringhausen threesome a decade ago...

Thanks for the painful memories, pal. Hmph. Aside from that, however, an excellent article, emphasizing a point that's hard to overemphasize, especially since it's rarely even made: those old-timers had it easier because there were a lot more mediocre ballplayers, so pitchers could feast on bad hitters and vice versa. Now the average quality is far higher, which means (along with no more .400 hitters) each pitch is more difficult and pitchers burn out earlier. Some managers (hello, Whitey!) never learned this and burned out generations of young arms. I think the obsession with pitch counts is often overdone, but on the whole it's a Good Thing.

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