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May 06, 2004


Bill Poser

It's hard to say from that news account, but I wonder if he didn't suffer damage outside the areas usually associated with speech. It's possible that the slow speech reported is a Broca's aphasia, but if it is truly just slow and not otherwise abnormal, it could be due to brain stem damage, which would be consistent with the report. I imagine that there is more recent literature that I don't know, but there is an old report (Guiot, G., Hertzog, E., Rondot, P. and Molina, A. (1961) "Arrest or acceleration of speech evoked by thalamic stimulation in the course of stereotaxic procedures for Parkinsonism" Brain 84:363-381) of electrical stimulation in the ventro-lateral nucleus of the thalamus triggering either arrest or acceleration of speech.

hormones & aging

He is indeed lucky. Everywhere he go, his luck is still on him.

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