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April 15, 2004


Nicole Wyatt

No more sters, but I wonder how the booble search engine (its an /cough adult site search engine so no linkage from me) works with the gle ending. Some sort of transformational rule converting bgle to ble perhaps?

Semantic Compositions

Maybe it's a consonant harmony rule, and the morpheme isn't really -gle, but -Cle, where C is meant to be filled in with whatever the previous consonant is.

Kate McCreight

Additional -sters:


Monster is interesting; clearly, an independent word, it may still contribute to the -ster meaning.

Bruno Racineux

I just found a -ster domain name. I thought I'd let you know.

I regi-stered for a european site and I also have Psychle for a future psych search engine in the -Cle morpheme.

I think the origin of "-ster" came with words such as Gangster, Mobster, Pollster, Youngster and later Hipster. Beyond the web search, the morpheme has therefore a meaning along the lines of "a member of a group or a individual who is involved in a certain activity, or someone who has an affiliation with a certain way of life or attitude".

And unlike some think, Frienster is not a site for Hipters, it is more of a network of all "groupsters" so they can find each other.

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I also come across a word punjabster, and searched for ster word and really wonder people have been using it in for dating, community, groups etc.

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This is going to be a great deal of fun, which is one of the things I love about both shows - the sense of playfulness with the genre. Seems like they're going to make good use of Fargo's history of working with AIs with personality issues, a nifty choice to hang a plot around. Looking forward to it!

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