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March 11, 2004


Christopher Culver

"So it's a book written by a Finnish guy, in Spanish, about Latin. Not knowing anything about the author, he might just have been the child of immigrants to a Spanish-speaking country."

I grew up in the US and served in the Navy, but then travelled about Europe for a few years, and finally came to Spain to begin undergraduate studies in classics. I don't think I'm too exotic. I do read in several languages, but that's a necessary activity for any one who studies something like philology, which study is spread out over so many countries and languages.

Nepehelokokkygia will be updated nearly every day. It only looks like it is sparingly updated because some posts are from my old blog and I moved them over. In fact, the weblog has just be launched, so you won't waste your time keeping track of it in the future.

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