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March 04, 2004


language hat

I myself would not often have occasion to use "slut" (mainly because I feel uncomfortable, as a man, using a word that's a gender-specific insult taking aim at behavior that I feel should not be socially stigmatized for one sex only), but I know women who use it cheerfully and often, and that's fine with me. And on the general issue of "bad language," as an eager consumer of books that use the worst their language has to offer (say, Henry Miller in English, Venedikt Erofeev in Russian), I believe strongly in its effectiveness in the right hands -- and, needless to say, in the iniquity of any attempts to restrain it by means of legislation.

That having been said, I too try to keep my blog relatively decent, just to avoid unwanted visits from cyber-hooligans. (Every so often I have to delete a comment from some, I'm guessing, 14-year-old with a burning desire to show off his gutter vocabulary and a lack of anything to say about the topic at hand.)


it doesnt say any thing about horrible words!

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