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March 30, 2004


Daniel Moore

A slight note that I wish I had more to write on now - when studying the history of numbers (an interesting intellectual hobby of mine), we come across tons of primitive civilizations that had only three terms for numbers - "one," "two," or "many." I don't mean to call our civilization primitive, but...

language hat

in Chaucer's time, English had a dual form as well

Don't you mean "Before the Norman invasion" or the like? I'm pretty sure the dual died out well before Chaucer.

Semantic Compositions

I knew I should have checked my dates, but I was being lazy (and didn't have my Baugh & Cable handy). You're right, though; the dual died by about 1150, and Chaucer was born in 1343. I was just reaching for an author's name who was sufficiently way back. Chaucer's back, but not sufficient.

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