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February 07, 2004



I prefer Kid's Book among the Strong Bad emails. It added the word "fangoriously" to my vocabulary.

David Elworthy

To describe cricket as a slow moving game shows the weakness of the system of tense and aspect in English. It is a game that could be described as punctuated equilibrium, consisting of long period of slowness, where little happens other than people walking around and polishing their balls (sorry), with brief interludes of rapid action.

(Presumably, if BrE has a good tense for this, AmE would have one for the superbowl indicating activities that consist of short periods of violence interspersed by advertising.)


Another X-nator that I've personally found very useful is -- a service that provides dynamically created temporary email addresses.

I hope nobody ever creates a Virginator.

*scurries off in a cloud of ambiguity*


A recent television commercial shows an attempt to uncranberry the morpheme cran. The shill for breakfast cereal praised the "tartness of the crans" in combination with whatever other marketable attribute the cereal might have had. I've never heard a real person refer to cranberries in this way, and I live in cranberry-growing country.

Brian Pipa

Don't for get Nator -

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