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February 05, 2004



More data points: I can't accept any of your examples, but I'm not familiar with those stores. I think the more familiar you are with a proper noun phrase that includes an article, the more likely you are to 'forget' that the article is there. Witness French tante, which my Quebecoise amie tells me grew out of the second person possessive becoming so attached to the word for aunt, that it came part of the word. Apparently the same thing is happening *again* with the first person possessive, and she hears reference to "ma ma tante."

The Queen, the Pope and the President are fine, but the Queen Elizabeth II, the Pope Pius IX, and the President Lincoln? And, "ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present THE Bob Hope."

Older British airline pilots calling air traffic control have a tendency to refer to themselves as "this is the " while others just laugh at them and say "this is ."

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