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February 10, 2004



Have you ever been to Peacefire? They talk about a lot of the weirdness of censorware. (Having gone to a public high school, I have a few arbitrary banning stories of my own... but I'm sure everyone who's interacted with censorware has. My mom's a second grade teacher, and the censorware at her school bans *my* site - and the worst things I've ever said there are "darn" and "heck"!)


Sorry, I inadvertently left out a word - that should read "everyone who's interacted with censorware has *some*."


I'm reading your blog right now on a Websense-infested computer at work. Ask your sysadmin to make your company's Websense settings a little bit less paranoid.

Semantic Compositions

Unfortunately, I work for a company which defines paranoia. Web-based e-mail is blocked, on the theory that it will bring in viruses, but the M$ Exchange system has gone down hard as a result of every virus that you've seen make it to the news in the last 2 years. Just to give an idea of how bad it is, the IT staff refused to do anything when this site was classified as "inappropriate". I work at a company with 40,000+ people, and the policies are set way above anybody I can talk to.

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