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February 12, 2004



Following SC's example of newspaper and magazine names, and searching in Québec French, I found a few examples of "la La Presse." I can't report a number, because là is also an unrelated word that occurs before Presse with much greater frequency than the doubled article. Then I discovered that the Written Communications Centre at the University of Montréal has weighed in on this topic. They start with the example "J’ai lu cette nouvelle dans le journal," ("I read this news in the paper.") If I have my French verb tenses correct, the explanation is that naming the newspaper would make the phrase, "... dans le Le Devoir," except that the principle of l'haplologie rejects the doubled sound so "... dans Le Devoir" is produced.

The word haplology itself is a candidate for this process, but doesn't seem to have been coined ironically.

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