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February 14, 2004


geoff nunberg

You're right -- this is a question of configuration. Sites like Google cache sites, anonymizer sites, translation sites and the like are classified separately by most filters -- N2H2 calls these Loophole sites, while SurfControl places them in a category called Remote Proxies, and SmartFilter categorizes them as Anonymizer/Translator sites. (I haven't looked to see exactly how WebSense deals with them.) A user can choose to allow this category, but a library that sets its filters at the most restrictive level will wind up blocking access to them.

N2H2 describes this category as follows: "Sites that offer a loophole that can be exploited to access pages which would otherwise be filtered out from your service. This includes proxy evasion directions, Peer to Peer software, anonymizing services, and some Web translators. etc. Unless this category is selected, the system's Internet Content Filtering protection can be compromised." (See

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