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January 15, 2004


Ryan Gabbard

Hello, and welcome to linguistics blogging!

I'm an undergrad planning on going into computational linguistics, I'm part of a group blog, The Audhumlan Conspiracy, that often deals with linguistics

Ryan Gabbard

Oops, links got deleted:


Had I not stumbled on translator Gail Armstrong's blog ( by chance a few years ago, it's unlikely that I would have found any of the other linguist blogs I frequently read. Overlooking them for a few days is, of course, forgivable. Welcome!

Semantic Compositions

Point taken. I'm still not sure this blog fits into the same ontological category (I spend a lot of time building ontologies, so I'll talk about them in the future), but that certainly did look like a very worthy blog. I'll try to be more open-minded about it.

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