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January 15, 2004



I'm new here (but so is almost everyone, I suppose). Interesting. I'll certainly be back. One suggestion: reading would be so much easier if your body font wouldn't be Times New Roman.

language hat

Ah, but some of us like Times New Roman!

"the unlikeliness of the '70s repeating":

And a good thing too; they were fun but somewhat exhausting. And the fashions!

Have a good trip, and I look forward to the example sentences.

(On preview: Ah, no HTML in the comments, I see. Pity.)

Semantic Compositions

In the Denver airport, laid over, stopped to have a look. The font is locked in by my choice of TypePad styles (for $50/yr., you don't get too much control). As for the HTML in comments, it was an oversight, and is now fixed. Enjoy!


isn't it self-defeating to INSERT OT terminology into everyday conversation? where are your constraints!? your rankings!?


David Elworthy

On the subject of "funny stuff from the 70s", take a look at the section on generative semantics in Newmeyer's Linguistic Theory In America (Academic Press, 1980). He quotes three examples of each of amusing titles, silly example sentences, facetious remarks in papers, and oddly-names rules and constraints. In the interests of fostering scholarly research, I am not going to tell you what they are, however.

language hat



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