My name is Justin Busch, and I'm a computational linguist at Science Applications International Corporation, better-known as SAIC. Everything published in Semantic Compositions is my own opinion only and in no way reflects the opinions of SAIC, its employees, or management.

I hold a bachelor's degree in linguistics from Claremont McKenna College, a master's degree in computational linguistics from the University of Southern California, and a patent for the design of a natural-language search engine. I also have received formal training in engineering and music. If you'd like more biographical information, feel free to consult the post I wrote when I ended the anonymous authorship of this blog.

A word about the logo: Strictly speaking, because of the placement of the universal and existential quantifiers, it's not a well-formed semantic expression. If you ignore those, though, it's a lambda-expression which abstracts the name Semantic Compositions into a predicate, and then makes an individual (me, represented by my initials) the person that the term applies to. It's also a visual pun suggesting that I've signed off on what appears below.